The very first design proposition of the Campana Brothers was a model surrounded by leather petals. These designers take inspiration from Brazilian nature. After several discussions and real-size prototypes, I found it more enjoyable to use leather petals not only for the seating section but for the whole object, creating a surrealistic exotic object. I have inspired the Campana Brothers with my drawings in this direction. I worked with the Objets Nomades team and the digital department of Louis Vuitton to develop the final design. This design was presented in the Salone del Mobile in Milan as a masterpiece in 2019.

This object was my very first project, developed from Marcel Wander's idea. I followed his sketches to propose an origami movement to close and open the mirror.
I worked with the leather goods department to create the real prototype presented in the family house of Louis Vuitton in Asnieres, France, with the presence of the designers.

For this collaboration, Marcel Wanders proposed a sofa made of a wooden architectural structure, which I developed with several prototypes' propositions. I worked the 3D to create a model in a wood where the strips could be interpreted. The strips of the first real-scale version were developed with plastic and then with elastic textile. These strips helped us deciding the movement of each of them to create structural and architectural weaving. The final version was made with a thermoforming technique of wood for the strips, in ivory for the base, and leather for the cushions. The final version was presented in the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2019.

Following the propositions of Atelier Biagetti, I have been in charge of modifying the 3D model to restructure this table's shapes. Afterward, I developed the prototype on a real scale. We used a wood structure covered with natural leather for the first version. We then made a second one with plastic panels warmed up to follow the wood structure's shape. Once the form and the glass dimension around were validated, we decided to launch a version in expanded polystyrene before the industrial production. This table was presented in the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2019.

Raw Edges Studio proposed chairs with fun shapes and colors. My team and I realized the prototypes focusing on the back and the base to study the chairs' forms and conditions.
Thanks to this first step, we validated the project and presented it in the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2019. The materials used for the final version are foam, fiberglass, wood, textile, and leather.

I was in charge of the Objets Nomades' photo shootings and their logistics for special events. After the photo shootings, I was in charge of sharing the pack shots to the Press department for magazines, websites, and social media. Those pictures also make use of postal cards, leaflets, and catalogs.